Friday, June 08, 2007

Haiku Friday

Jail time for Paris?
Must be nice to have money.
Most are furious.

Banjela in town.
Yankee game tonight uptown.
Tomorrow Brooklyn.

Should be a scorcher,
But the weekend will be great.
And so relaxing.


Randi said...

Paris Hilton sucks
"I really hate jail" she said
So they set her free
Oh celebrity
Must be nice to have money
"Out of Jail Free" card
I bet my brother
Hated his time in jail too
But he served it all

Scottsky said...

There's this flyer in my hostel for some agency that does party tours to Europe: go out to "dope" clubs, adventure sightseeing, stag and hen parties with strippers and/or prostitutes, etc. Really cheesy looking.

Paris Hilton is on the flyer...I'm NOT kidding.