Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not a lot going on

  • It's true. But my life is good. I hope your is, too.
  • Had a nice work party yesterday, really fun. We had a trivia game, cuz we're hella nerdy.
  • Watched 24 as usual, so crazy. I think Jack is going to die this season. That is someone else's theory, but I'm borrowing it.
  • Made a steak yesterday using FreshDirect Rockin Moroccan Rub. Awesome. I really like Fresh Direct. You guys already know that.
  • Lotsa birthdays coming up! Cindy, Nancy, Nava, Joy, Randi, Michele, MASAKAWA, who else? Did I miss someone? I'm sure.
  • Going to South Bend Indiana this weekend for the baby's christening. That will be beautiful and fun.
  • Only 3 weeks until Gabby's wedding. Why did I have a bagel for breakfast?!

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