Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Monday

  • In yesterday's news, it rained in NYC. NY Times, NY1, and so on. Oh My! Rain?! Are you kidding?! What could all this rain possibly mean?!
  • Good times this weekend. Checked out Alma in Red Hook again. Yup, their margaritas are still delicious.
  • Went to a Mets game on Friday night. Mets totally won against the Nationals. Haha. Who are the Nationals? It was really fun but so cold, like in the 30s cold. $3.00 tickets from work, you can be sure I'll be doing that quite a bit.
  • Also wrote my paper all weekend long. About 12 hours total to get it done. Nancoi is doing the final proof now (thanks Nancy) and then I can be done with my 2nd to my last class in this Master's degree that ended up being a lot more trouble than I originally thought it would be. After working all week who wants to spend the weekend writing a paper? That being said, it's a pretty interesting paper.
  • I include a picture of the Glassy Junction in Southall, London. This is the only pub in the UK known to take Rupees for pay. Scooter?

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