Monday, April 30, 2007

Good Monday Morning!

  • Good times this weekend! Will post pics and even a video (if you're lucky) tomorrow!
  • Can I please be the millionth person to say United Airlines is the worst possible airlines in the whole entire world and if I could choose one airlines that should be publicly ridiculed as totally incompetent they would be the one?
  • Not to mention (obviously I'm mentioning it!) that they don't even give you peanuts anymore.
  • I sneezed by way through the midwest. I could not have been any more allergic if I would have laid down on a cat then eaten some dandelions.
  • NYC - absolutely gorgeous.
  • Chicago - hot! Saw Beth and her gorgeous new hair. Had a burrito and must say, Chi-town has some great Mexican food. Makes up in part for their ridiculous freeway system.
  • Speaking of freeway systems, traffic in the bay just got a whole lot worse.


Randi said...

Welcome back, soul sister!

Angela said...

Hi Dude!
How was the flight home? I'm at the library checking my email. I already got pics developed. They came out good! Talk to you later!

Scootation Device said...

did you have any deep dish pizza? RULES!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a mechanic for United Airlines and am really sorry you had a bad experience. I agree, this airline is, well, crap. First we lost our ESOP, then pay cuts, then 2/3's of our retirement. While one CEO after another filled their pockets with gold, especially our latest CEO who made $14 million MORE than the entire airline last year. Morale is lower than whale shit. Not your problem I know. As you said, this airline doesn't deserve to be in business under this management. I do want you to know that we, the little people, are absolutly trying our best to safely get you where you're going. Give us anothe chance. Thanks, Richard. Denver, CO

Randi said...

Look at Richard, Cod! Is this your coat?