Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Nancoi regulated on my non-bloggin bootie and has offered me suggestions about what to blog about.

Here goes:

Coolies -

Well this one I had to look up. I thought this was a derogatory term for some type of Ethnic Group (which it apparently used to be) but if it's coming from Nancoi I figure it means cigarettes. And my thoughts on cigarettes are still often. But, its been nearly two years so it's time to admit that that ship may have sailed.


Feet season is here in NYC - time for pedicures and flip flops. Maintain those toes people. Maintain them. Everyone has enough money to get a pedi or to give yourself one.

Rich mommies in NYC

I'll never be a rich mommy in NYC - not because I won't be a mommy, I very likely will, and not because I will not be a mommy in NYC, though I can't say I'm planning to do that. But Me + Babies + NYC does not equal Rich.

How much you love me

Dude, I stinkin love Nancy. If I were to have moved here and not met Nancy I would have been...well up shit's creek without a paddle to put it in nice terms.

You favorite date with Babe

When Babe and I celebrated our one year anniversary, we were 19 years old and decided to have dinner at the Carnillian Room in San Francisco. We were by far the youngest people there and we had so much fun and such a beautiful dinner. I was so impressed - I'd never had anyone come and take the crumbs off the table with one of those little crumb remover things.

Places you wish you were right now

Bloomingdales. I just had my hair done and would love to be shopping right now. Or on a beach. Or at home watching Ellen.

You favorite names

Simon & Zoe.


Nancy Gurl said...

Coolie, is my word for your butt. As in "I have a big coolie"

Randi said...

I'ma make it a meme:
Congrats on not smokin' 'em or in Nancy's terms I've got one.
How do feet get crusty? I mean, seriously?
Rich Mommies In NYC:
= Nannies
Loving Nancoi:
Long time
Favorite date with Babe:
Any time we're all together
Places I wish I was right now:
Anywhere but here
Favorite Names:
Christopher Daniel & Stella Christin