Thursday, February 22, 2007


Even if you hate television. Even if you hate singing. Even if you hate competitions.
Even if you hate televised singing competitions, you have got to admit that American Idol is one of the best things to watch on TV.

Dude, I was watching last night and MAN, some of those gals sure can sing! The banter between Ryan SeaFoam and Simon CowBell is totally ridiculous and sometimes embarrassing but otherwise, that show is total entertainment.

It's not the type of show I stay home for or rush home for, but when it's on and I'm home, I'm super stolked.

I won't even talk about the real best show on TV though - LOST of course - because it is too effing delicious for words.

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hotdrwife said...

I've got two episodes to catch up on!! I'm trying before the announcements are made. I missed the entire first year of AI, but have been a fan since.