Thursday, February 08, 2007

10 more things

Taken from BFF:
10 Firsts
1. First Best Friend: Talia - she lived across the street. Kitty corner if you will.
2. First Car: Me and Ang shared the Hyundai Excel. Makes me laugh just to think about that car. Man we drove it into the ground.
3. First Love: This one guy I knew.
4. First Vacation: Real vacay? Maybe when me and Babe went to Mexico in 2001.
5. First Job: Kinney Shoe Store in the Mall
6. First Piercing: My ears.
7. First Concert: Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam at the Ventura County Fair.
8. First Record/CD bought: Pearl Jam 10.
9. First Real Love: Babraham Lincoln.
10. First Screen Name: Codfish
9 Latest
1. Latest Alcoholic Beverage: Too much red wine last night.
2. Latest Car Ride: Cab ride home, just in time to catch LOST. OHMYGOD IT WAS SO GOOD.
3. Latest Movie Watched: Ricky Bobby Talladega Nights.
4. Latest Phone Call Made: To the duplicating center.
5. Latest Jacuzzi Bath: It's been years.
6. Latest CD Played: A mixed CD made by one of my pals.
7. Latest Time You Cried: Reading Cupcake Brown, last week.
8. Latest Meal: Kashi Go Lean and some carrots for a 11am snackie.
9. Latest Curse: Dropped an F bomb earlier in regards to the computer people.
8 Have You Ever
1. Dated on of your best friends: Maybe. Man, this is nosy!
2. Been Arrested: Not yet...
3. Fallen in love at first sight: Yes.
4. Been in a T.V. program: Nah.
5. Had your heart broken: Here and there.
6. Said you love someone without meaning it: Prolly.
7. Made a prank phone call: Yes of course!
8. Shoplifted anything: Yes - magic mountain in the 8th grade. Then make up in high school. Member when Mia stole cards from Hallmark? Man, she was a thief.
7 Things You Wear
1. My super scarf.
2. Diamond Earrings
3. Wedding ring + my engagement ring
4. right now a bandaid on my funger.
5. converse
6. a belt
7. lipstick
6 Things You've Done Today
1. Showered
2. drank coffee
3. rode the subway
4. met with my boss
5. added together columns of numbers
6. this thing which is taking a long time cuz i keep stopping to do work.
5 Favorite Things
1. Raindrops on roses
2. whiskers on kittens
3. Bright copper kettles
4. warm woolen mittens
5. wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
4 People I Can Tell Anything To
1. Babe
2. BFF
3. Ang & Sun
4. My Ma
3 Choices
1. Black or White? Black
2. Summer or Winter? Summer all the way
3. Chocolate or Chips? You mean like Lays? Cuz if its Lays, for sure those.
2 Things To Do Before You Die
1. See the world
2. Master Pilates
1 Thing You Regret
1. Racking up credit card debt in college?


Randi said...

The Favorite Things? Nailed it. Incredible.

Jessica said...

I wasn't there when you shoplifted, was I??