Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pubs & Museums

London has a lot of two things - pubs and museums. I spent time at both of these types of cultural institutions and learned aplenty.

The British Museum is really a beautiful building (see!) and is chock full of prizes and artifacts stolen from the various colonies that used to be under its rule. Wild.
Here is one that I particularly like that was taken from Easter Island.
And here's a picture of a pub, called the Nag's Head, which contained a different sort of relic all together. A "landlord" ran the place, instead of a bartender, and you didn't tip him, but instead, bought him a round.


Anonymous said...

I have a Nag's Head right around the corner from me - small world!

Anonymous said...

coincidentally, just the other day, maybe the day that you posted this entry, i was watching a report on CCTV about the British Museum. the museum representative, a heavy chap with ebony skin and a smooth oxfordian accent, made a statement about the royal family's generousity in preserving and housing the world's treasures to share with the rest of us. how nice of them, indeed.