Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday, Monday!

Such a nice weekend. Saw a couple of cute/good movies. Saw Little Miss Sunshine which is heartwarming and nice, but certainly not a comedy in any Will Ferrell sense of the word. But it is nice and I liked it.

I also saw a movie called Millions which is really sweet and Britsh, so it takes me back to my days in England. LOL.

Also, since I got Babe a Nano for Christmas, I now have the use of an Ipod Shuffle. I can't even tell you how cool I feel. I mean seriously. Wow!

And, I finished re-reading East of Eden which is in fact one of the top five books ever written.


Angela said...

Hey Dude!
Glad you had a relaxing weekend! I want to see Little Miss Sunshine too. Talk to you later!

Randi said...

"My days in England"
Dude! Did you see Ventura in Little Miss Sunshine. It's famous.

sashakins said...

i completely agree that east of eden is top 5. i think of the characters often bc john described their consciousness and motives so well, that he made them very real.