Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Did I already tell you how good it is to not be living out of a suitcase?

Last night, watched 24 and made a huge greek salad for dinner + went to the gym - with my ipod shuffle. That little guy changes everything. One of my coworkers called the shuffle the gateway drug into the world of ipod. He started with a shuffle, now he has an 80 gig. Haha, it's true.

Its cold here and I hope it snows. Just cuz I like the snow. According to NY1, we'd normally have 11 inches of snow by now, instead, we have 1. Wow, Al Gore.

Whats next for you all? Any thoughts on the fact that Jan is over tomorrow? How are your resolutions going? Still flossin on this end!

*PS, though I linked to the fancy tiny ipod (which Ang has) I only have the oldskool one without the clip. You get the idea though.


m.i.l. said...

i'd be more than happy to send you our snow! we haven't even gotten to our 2 snowiest months (March & April) yet and we already have the average for the year! (almost 60 inches)

Randi said...

My resolutions may have to start in February. Is that cool?