Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Post about...Not Paris!

So, I think I milked the Paris trip for about as many blog postings as a I could. Babe's nickname used to be Milk, because one time I mispelled his real name (which isn't Babe, by the way). The other day, Scooter, Babe and I drank a beer called Mother's Milk. Oh Scooter. I did take this picture in paris for Scooter, they were all over the place. Scooters, that is.

Would you look at that, I snuck in another Paris picture.

Work is going well but is what you might call "super hard." School is putting me near, but not yet at, the end of my rope. Christmas parties this weekend - and I'm so excited!! I'm nearly fasting in anticipation of the black dress.

Go Bears - we won on Saturday, of course! Then I watched Predator. What a nail-biter, man. Dug it.

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