Monday, November 13, 2006

Writer's Block Me Me on Monday

1. Things that scare me: Mice
2. People who make me laugh: BFF & Babe & Navu
3.Things I hate the most: Nah, don't hate. Cockroaches.
4. Things I don't understand: Angry drivers who speed past people to get to the next red light first. Also, republicans and people who hate.
5.Things I'm doing right now: Avoiding a mountain of work.
6.Things I want to do before I die: A million things! Go to Fiji. And India.
7.Things I can do: I can read well. I can remember telephone numbers pretty well. And the layout of just about every mall I've ever been to.
8. Ways to describe my personality: People tell me I'm nice.
9. Things I can't do: Speak french, eat shrimp, keep plants alive.
10.Things I think you should listen to: your mother or mine if yours doesnt make any sense. Or the latest pearl jam album.
11. Things you should never listen to: the smashing pumpkins.
12.Things I'd like to learn: French. See number 9.
13.Favorite Foods: Mexican.
14.Beverages I drink regularly: Red wine from California.
14a. Beverages I'm trying not to drink regularly: Diet coke.
15. Shows I watched as a kid: Who's the Boss, Growing Pains, Cosby Show, Different World, Moonlighting.
16. Persons I am tagging: BFF.


Angela said...

Dude, I agree with you on the 1st one too...I'm disgusted right now thinking about mice!

Apostolia Paula said...

Moonlighting was the best show! Because of that show, my fashion sense as a little girl was to grow up and always wear a matching purse and pumps.

hung said...

11: what about Zwan? haha