Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Says Much

I haven't had a lot of things to say lately, mainly because work is kickin my booty some and school is coming on strong but things are going really well. I thought I'd toss you a couple of items - maybe a recommendation, something you should stay away from, and something I feel neither here nor there about. Let's try!

A Recommendation
I make good chili, man! You guys should try it. But the recommendation part is that instead of making corn bread with my chili, I make little corn pancakes that you put on top of your chili bowl and its like a little treat every time you take a bite. To make the corn pancakes, all you need is:

2 packages of Jiffy Corn Mix
1 egg
1 cup of Milk
2 tbspns of veg. oil

Mix em together, get your favorite frying pan really hot, put a little butter in the pan, and drop in tablespoon size drops of pancake batter. MMM MMM let em cook, turn em once, toss em on the top of your chili bowl. Man, people will be stolked!

Something you should stay away from
Too much NY1. I know. Those of you who are faithful readers must be shocked. Haha, as if you care that much. But really, you guys know how much I love NY1. But I feel as though with its repetitive nature you really keep hearing about the same horrific crimes over and over again. Just yesterday a woman killed her little boy and claims that demons made her do it. Okay, who needs that kind of trauma late at night and first thing in the morning?

Its neither here nor there
Bing, or a different kind of dumpling, was supposed to revolutionize W. 3rd St. next to the basketball courts. And it did for a minute. Every morning, noon, and night free bing sat out for all passer by. Rolls stuffed with spicy cabbage or pork. Free! Anyways, so I tried them. And I even bought one. They're a dollar. But they're really neither here nor there.

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