Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Post About Paris, Part II

Luxemburg Palace.

Babe is great. I always make him do this, and I think he hates it. But it cracks me up!!! Hahaha.
This is the Hotel De Invalides, where the veterans used to live. Now Napolean is buried there.
The Arc de Triomphe and me!
My favorite part of the Eiffel Tower.
Hote fountain with mermaid gals.
The Eiffel Tower.
Moving out.


Randi said...

You should have stayed at the Invalid Hotel.

Angela said...

I love the Arc de Triomphe dude! I wish I could have gone there at night too!

Mona said...

How long were you there? What a great trip! I used to live in Paris when I was little. Your pix bring back some great memories!! Happy belated birthday to your man:) You guys are super cute.