Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Post about Paris, Part I

Did you see the Da Vinci Code? I didn't see it , but I read it. The Louvre really is totally off the hook. It is so big. "They" say it would take nine months to glance at every painting in the museum. Beat that, Met.
Notre Dame is the biggest and prettiest church I've ever been in. It's so huge that from the back you can't even really see the altar. The picture shows the Flying Buttresses pretty well. Oh Brother Edward.
The Louvre is housed in this old palace. Who used to live there? I don't remember. Whoever they were had more money than Bill Gates. This is just one example of one of the ceilings - they were all this amazing.

Yup, that's Venus. She's from 200 BC.
"Old Ticker" - all the clocks in Paris even the old ones like this totally work. None of the clocks in NYC work.
Random mansions and palatial estates abound.
Stained glass in the Notre Dame. Did you know that Notre Dame is considered the center of Paris and all points in Paris are measured as their distance to that point?
The river Seine.
Medusa's ugly mug from a door to someone's apartment building.


Angela said...

Flying Buttresses! hahaha...Did you hear our niece sing last night?

ceedee said...

Oh Brother Edward! I often wonder where you are (hopefully not still at SCHS!) Amazing pics, Cod - I am soooo jealous!

Randi said...

You should be a teacher about Paris stuff.

m.i.l. said...

first thing i thought of when i saw that ceiling was 'boy, i'd hate to have to dust that!' ha-ha

AWE said...

Great pics! I hope to go there one day.

I didn't like the movie as well as the book, but that is usually how it goes.