Thursday, October 12, 2006


One of the funny things about living in NYC is that a lot of stuff happens here. So, yesterday when I heard a plane crashed into a building I knew that one of my familials would email or call to see if it was my building that was hit. Out of the hundreds of thousands of buildings in this City the chances of it being my building are really pretty slim. Specially cuz that building that was hit was about 60 stories high and in the upper east side and my building is six stories high and in Hell's Kitchen. Either way, though, in case you're wondering, my building was not hit by a plane yesterday.

But it's like that a lot. Here, there are so many of us (8 million, in fact) that the chances of something happening to little ole me are actually pretty slim. Knock on wood. It's a nice part of living in this City, I think.

On the other hand, I see a lot of stuff that I think people living in smaller more contained places don't see. I see a lot of gross and weird stuff. Like lots of stuff involving bodily fluids which I won't go into here. Because it's early.

So kind of a slow roller of a post there but just thinking.

I wanted to write to you about pirates b/c I've found that people (Americans?) are kind of obsessed with them. I mentioned this to Babe last night:

Me: Hey Babe! I'm thinking of writing about Pirates on my blog tomorrow. I think people love them.
Babe: Yeah, Pirates are cool! AARGH!!!


Randi said...

2 points:
1, Isn't it random that one of the fatalities of the crash is a Yankee pitcher? Like out of all the New Yorkers, it was a pro ball player?
And 2, I plan on going to Pirate's for happy hour after work. Argh, indeed.

Mona said...

coodence, how are you doing? that's funny, well not funny, but i know exactly what you mean. i got an email from a girlfriend in dc and then my cell started ringing and i knew it was her. it's nice to know people are thinking of us, right? even if their worries seem kinda silly:) but yes, i agree with randi, what are the chances!?! hope you're doing well!

toots said...

dude, I am totally thinkning of being a pirate for halloweenie cos I found some killer black leather pants that look hot, sexy...but i'm thinking it might be a lil hard core for the kiddos...whaddya think? also, glad it wasn't your building...must admit never thought it was