Monday, October 09, 2006

Misc. Monday

I had a wonderful weekend and arrive at work today very rested...Stupid Columbus, I'm not hip to this whole celebration. Nina, pinta, santa maria? Who cares. In Berkeley, we called this Indigenous Peoples day. I've also heard Genocide Day. Whatever you call it, today we're celebrating the conquest and subsequent murder of lots and lots of peeps. Put that in your pipe and smoke it...Jessicurl is staying with us, or was, this weekend. Happy Birthday, Jessicurl! We went out to SRO on Friday night, yet another Hell's Kitchen speakeasy. Cute place, for the gimmick. Drinks were expensive but for one drink after dinner, I'd recommend. The fact that there is no sign, only a green light illuminating your way and that you have to ring a doorbell to be let in tickles me...I watched a lot of Sports with a capital S this weekend. Like playoff baseball (Yankees, que paso?) and college football (go Bears, bitches!)...Took a nice long walk up the Hudson River to Riverside Park. Also looked for the Riverside Cafe Bar or whatever it is called while we were up there. I was looking for a "Bar" with a building and a roof, but actually it was about 15 plastic tables and a gorgeous view. It was "the last day they were open," too so it was fortuitous that we stopped in...Finally a nice meal at Babe and My favorite spot, Dinosaur BBQ for a cheap and delicious (HA!) dinner and then home to watch the Amazing Race. All told? Fabulous weekend.


Nancy Gurl said...

Cristobol Columbo was a male prostitute.

I am getting married

Drew said...

Columbus Day seems to have morphed into an Italian-American heritage day of sorts. They should just rename it to something suitably (and neutrally) Italian, since I don't think anyone's out in the street singing the praises of CC.

Michele said...

They had the NYC Columbus Day parade on tv. The announcer guy kept speaking Italian. I turned it off.