Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Holdin it down

I keep wanting to tell you about that concert on Thursday night at the Warsaw. Pennywise - they're a band I first saw at the Mayfair in Ventura when I was fifteen years old! Babe and I weren't together (obviously!) but they were one of his favorite bands, too! So, we've seen them at many venues, from the trucadero in San Francisco to Webster Hall in New York City. But this time it was at the Warsaw in Williamsburg.

There were only about 150 of us there - Pennywise was literally playing for ME! and Babe! Anyways, so we went right up to the front, to the guard rail. I mean, when I was a kid I would be up in that mosh pit. Me and Jenn B. used to fly around with our flannels tied around our waists and our tall doc martins on over our stripey tights. But, dude, I'm no spring chicken, and frankly, I'm usually scared of being in or near the pit. I prefer to stand off to the side and sip a nice cocktail. But since there were so few of us, we mosied right up to the front, and Babe stood guard behind me, arms around me, being repeatedly knocked in the back of the head and what not but still having a great time! I left the pit unscathed and totally had the best concert experience I've had in a long time! Thanks, Abe!

I haven't been that close to the front since Mary, Maura, maybe Crust?, and I went to see Violent Femmes at the Ventura Theatre. Mary Friedrich was a strong, strong woman and she had her big ole arms around Maura and protected her much in the way that Babe protected me! So this post is dedicated to Mary Friedrich, who died a couple of years ago, for no good reason. Here's to holding it down for Mary Friedrich!

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