Friday, October 06, 2006

Haiku Finally We're Here for a Weekend Friday

Oh, happiest day!
We made it to Friday, dears.
Who cares, you may ask?

Well, I do. Babe does.
I know my sister Ang does.
Most worker bees do.

Maybe out for drinks?
Or a fancy pants dinner?
Either way, enjoy!


Randi said...

TGIF, dude
Can you believe we have a
button for our game?
Trendsetter, you are
Spreading that shit like wildfire
We're tandem bloggers
You did this to me
You created a monster
I'm hooked on haiku

Angela said...

Thanks for the haiku shout out! The Regevs will be here on Monday!

exile said...

this week i dragging
it's almost friday again
worker bees unite!