Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Honestly, I got nothing but a whole bunch of baseball, some good times, and a hard pilates class to discuss. Baseball - hoping for a Mets vs As world series. Judging by the way the As played yesterday, we're looking at a series that involves the Tigers. After the trouncing that the Tigers gave the Yanks, though, I'm not saying they don't deserve to go on to the series.

Good times - man I've been having some good times lately. Just working hard and getting my shit done. Nothing makes me happier. Tonight Lost is on, too. Stolked about that.

Pilates is still my favorite thing to do in my spare time and is making me a very, very strong woman. I just hope I don't get all big and muscle-y cuz Ew.


JJ said...

The word "pilates" looks kinda like "pirates". But then I realized that "Pirates is still my favorite thing to do" doesn't make any sense.

Then again, I suppose you could've been talking about a game called Pirates in which you run around with friends pretending to be pirates and yelling AAARRR! That would make sense, because "pirates" is pretty much everyone's favorite thing to do.

And there's another bonus. Playing "pirates" doesn't give you great big muscles. So you wouldn't have to worry.

Angela said...

I hope the A's are the World Series too...I don't care who they play, but I hope they're in it.