Monday, October 30, 2006


What a week!! Man! I am super stolked for Halloween!! Plus Sashie is in town so we are having some fun! Then my birthday is on Thursday! YAY! Candy + Birthdays! So exciting!

Weekend was super chill and very fun. Friday night I went to the Independent Press Awards or the Ippies as they are called. Great event and the ethnic press could use your support so read it!

Played Pass the Pigs for a long time on Friday night with a certain Dinosaur who already knew the rules.

Hung out on Sat and went to where else? Afghan Kabob House where we take everyone who comes to visit. Why? Because it is good and you can bring your own beer. Then we had a few rounds at the Kemia Bar, which we've talked about before.

Now it's back to work! Go on! Get crackin, daddy!

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