Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Welcome, BFF, to the club! There is nothing better than being an auntie!!
Go look at her nephew. Here are my nieces and nephew.


Shora said...

OMG, so cute! I was supposed to have a little girl to dress up like that. But then, now that my kids are teenagers I'm glad they're boys.

Randi is gonna be one rockin' aunt!

And thanks for the non-smoking encouragement on my blog babe. xo

Randi said...

Aunts are so RAD. So are NEPHEWS! I guess I have to wait for my niece. Tee!

Carissa said...

auntie, your neices and nephew are so adorable i want to eat them! however do you resist the temptation? congrats to your bff and may she enjoy such a struggle.

(btw, this visit to your blog was made without the help of a sneaky proxy server. so expect to be hearing from me more on the regular. hallelujah!)


Angela said...

Ben and Navu miss you Auntie Caroline!