Thursday, September 07, 2006

Weeds and Wine

Check out the Showtime show Weeds with Mary Louise Parker. Ms. Parker is great as a suburban house wife who sells dope but the real reason to watch the show is Elizabeth Perkins who you'll undoubtedly remember as the adult whom Tom Hanks dated in Big.

Also, here are four simple tips for your wine drinking.
Bouquet: Also called the "nose," this refers to how the wine smells. You've seen people swirl wine around in a glass. This exposes more of the wine to oxygen, allowing its bouquet to develop.

Decant: To pour wine into a decanter — usually a clear glass bottle with a wide opening at the top — before serving. Decanting usually isn't necessary unless you're having an older red wine, which can have sediment at the bottom.

Legs: The streams of wine that run back down the side of the glass after you've taken a sip, or when you swirl the wine around in the glass. The higher the alcohol content, the wider the legs.

Body: Wine can be as thin as water or as viscous as cream. Thin-bodied wines are more like the former while full-bodied wines feel heavy on your tongue.

That's all for today, folks. Covering all the vices here since 2004.

Oh, all right. If one of your vices includes absolutely having to know everything about celebs and their ridiculously mundane lives here's a link to the Vanity Fair Tom Cruise/Katie Fever Blister Baby Suri Pictures. Apparently they're all sold out around town.

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Angela said...

Even though I think Tom Cruise is a weirdo now, I think the kid is pretty cute.