Tuesday, September 26, 2006

JoBu & Misc.

I love the movie Major League and used to watch it so much as a kid that Ang & I (and probably my whole family) know every single line. It's been on TV lately, lucky me. But I don't know if you know this but the guy who plays the voodoo guy Cerrano (the guy who is involved in some of the funniest exchanges such as "You mean, you think Jesus Christ can't hit a curve ball?") is Dennis Haysbert - you know! President David Palmer from 24 & the guy who says you're in good hands with All State. I can't believe it and I never realized it but it is absolutely true!

In other news, I had a lovely time this past weekend in the country, as you may have gathered from my photos below!

School & work are sorta kicking my butt right now, but never fear! I'll make it out like I always do! I did two presentations yesterday and they were both well-received.

Babe and I are going to our friend's wedding in San Francisco next weekend! It's the year of love - this is the third out of four weddings we've gone to this year. I just love it!! I need to buy a dress to wear to show off my new pilates bod. Hahaha.

Did you guys know that LaGuardia closes at 12:30? Last weekend on my way back from the family reunion in Wisconsin the pilot was imploring passengers to get in their seats and sit down because if we didn't get back to LaGuardia by 12:30 we'd have to fly into a different airport because LaGuardia closed at 12:30. Whoever heard of such a thing? Well, now I have and so have you! Incidentally, we made it at 12:25.

That's all for now, dear children. Newsy, right? It's before work so I have a little time to myself and decided to share it with you.

Oh yeah! And congrats to MIL for winnin the big bucks on the Deal or no Deal game!!! Seriously!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome and a ton of money! Great news...equally as great that Thursday it will be 3 months with no cig's! We should all celebrate with some good home cooking - right mrs. P?

Angela said...

Dude, I told you and Mike it was Dennis Haysbert hahahaha!

Nancy Gurl said...

I just found out about this!!!!!!!
Dreams really can come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!