Sunday, September 03, 2006

50 Random Statements

1. My roommate(s) and I once: had a party every weekend for three months straight.
2. Never in my life have I: built a snowman.
3. The one person who can drive me nuts, but then can always manage to make me smile is: BFF. Cuz she said it about me.
4. High school was: kinda lame. I had a lot of fun but didn't love it.
5. When I'm nervous: I eat. I used to smoke. Luckily I don't get nervous very often.
6. The last time I cried was: watching LOST episode "S.O.S." Oh Bernard.
7. If I were to get married right now, my bridesmaids would be: the same girls they were when I got married. Bridesmaids make weddings really fun.
8. Would you rather run naked through a crowded place or have someone e-mail your deepest secret to all your friends? Run naked.
9. My hair: is my best feature, I've heard.
10. When I was 5 I: had that ear surgery where they put the tubes in your ears.
11. Last Christmas: I spent in Calilfornia.
12. When I turn my head left: I see my "backyard."
13. I should be: calling my friend to see if she wants to do something today.
14. When I look down I see: my boobs, which were the first thing to go when I lost "the weight."
15. The craziest recent event was: nothing much, really. Last night we went out kinda big and smoked out of a hookah at a Morrocan Speak Easy.
16. If I were a character on "Friends" I'd be: Pheobe.
17. By this time next year: I will be 29 and nearing the completion of my second Master's.
18. My favorite aunt is: I'm my favorite Aunt.
19. I have a hard time understanding: how half of all Americans could vote for President Bush.
20. One time at a family gathering: I realized how lucky I am to get along with my people.
21. You know I like you if: I make fun of you.
22. If I won an award, the first person I'd thank: is your mom.
23. Take my advice: stand up for yourself.
24. My ideal breakfast is: chilaquiles.
25. If you visit my home town: you can stay with BFF.
26. Sometime soon I plan to visit: Paris.
27. If you spend the night at my house: expect to sleep on an airbed in the Living Room.
28. I'd stop my wedding if: what?
29. The world could do without: Hummer limousines for people to drive around in.
30. I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: fucking nothing! Jesus Christ. That's the sickest shit I've ever considered.
31. The most recent thing I've bought myself is: a 22oz of Bud Light at 2:30 AM.
32. The most recent thing someone else bought for me is: a hookah full of Apple Tobacco.
33. My favorite blonde is: this cute girl I met at a party recently.
34. My favorite brunette is: my sister. Any one of them.
35. My car must have a sign on it that reads: I don't have a car.
36. The last time I was drunk: was last night. And I probably will be again tonight. Don't you judge me.
37. The animals I would like to see flying besides birds: None of them. The thought of a cat flying kinda freaks me out.
38. I shouldn't have been: you know what they say - you can shoulda in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up faster. But for the sake of the game - I shouldn't have been so hasty to go back to school for yet another Master's.
39. Have you ever shaved your pubic hair? No.
40. Last night I: watched my Golden Bears get the pants beat off of them. Then drowned my sorrows in a couple of mojitos at a Morrocan Speak Easy. Beat that.
41. There's this girl I know who: only speaks in rhyme. She said that she could see the end of time.
42. I don't know: what the future will bring.
43. A better name for me would be: Coodencia, Queen of the World.
44. If I ever go back to school I'll: only have myself to blame.
45. How many days until my birthday?: somewhere in the ballpark of 60.
46. One dead celebrity I wish I'd met is: Dude, I don't know. Why would I want to meet a dead celebrity?
47. I've lived at my current address for: 12 days shy of a year.
48. I've been told I look like: everyone Indian you've ever met or my sisters.
49. If I could have any car, it would be: A 65 mustang named Sally.
50. If I got a new cat tomorrow, I would name it: Damien.

Obviously, this meme was brought to you by BFF.


Angela said...

Dude, what about Aunt Fay? J/K...hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Re: 47.. what about BK? And I don't mean Burger King, biatch.

Sasha said...

You are as real as ever.
I love you so much.

Coodence said...

Dude! Ang, LOL. I forgot. So I changed it to me.

#30, props to Randi, cuz I stole that answer from her. In other words, I couldn't have said it better myself.