Monday, August 14, 2006

Trader Joe's

Babe and I finally made it to Traders on Saturday. What a splendid store. The first time we tried to head over there, the line was about 50 people long outside the store - in other words no way. We tried our luck again on Sat and there was no line and the place was just as welcoming as a normal Trader's. I got such inexpensive delicacies as frozen edamame for $1.99, whole wheat pizza dough for $1.29, string cheese for $3.29, moisturizer for $2.99, and scores of other steals and deals. We also checked out the wine store where we got a Robert Mondavi private reserve Pinot Noir for $9.49, compared with the $16 or $17 at the liquor store and a Barefoot Cab for $4.59.

The really remarkable thing, though, was that the people who work there asked me how was I doing. And said Thank you and Hello. I was floored. I actually was under the impression that to be a grocery store clerk in NYC you had to be more than just a little rude. When I go to Gristede's, I actually try my hardest to not say Hello or Thank You so that I am not dissed by the check out lady. At Food Emporium? Same thing. Anyways, Traders, I salute you. Maybe you pay your clerks better?


Randi said...

I tried a Barefoot tasting at the Ojai Wine Festival and wasn't overly impressed. Let me know if the bottle's worth a shot though.

Jessicer said...

They DO pay their clerks better. I know because my brother worked at Trader Joe's for several summers and because QUITE the insider. Managers in the stores can make around $100,000. Career change, anyone?