Wednesday, August 30, 2006


It's Wednesday and I'm already stumped as to what to talk to you about. All I've been doing is watching Lost Season II on the computer and going to Pilates. Today is Wednesday, my day off of the gym, so maybe I'll get into some shenanigans later so I have stories for you.

I wanted to give you pics from the Bohemian Hall Beer Garden last Wednesday, but they're a little dark. Oh what the heck, here they are:

Huge crowd on a Wednesday night. Almost got into a cat fight waiting in the line to get a pitcher. As I've said in the past, you can take the girl out of Oxnard, but you can't take Oxnard out of the girl.
The blogger and her red head.

Our table from afar.
And up close.

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M.I.L. said...

what a CUTE red head!