Thursday, August 31, 2006

If at first you don't succeed

I am trying to update my bloggage for you so you will have some new pretty things to look at. I think this project is better saved for the weekend, however, when I'm not at work, because it is super frustrating.

So, shenanigans you ask? Not really. Babe and I had a few drinks at the Dove bar last night which is rybymywork. It's a little chock full of NYU kids, which is absolutely not a bad thing, but it sure makes it crowded now that school is starting up again. If you haven't been there, you should go. It's very fancy and looks like the parlour in our old house in Oakland. Next time, however, I think we'll head to the Bourgeois Pig where, during happy hour, the bottles of wine are half price. You heard me correctly!

edit: I'm such a techy you guys! I looked in the "Blogger Known Issues" and found out that you can't use the new Blogger Beta Templates with Flickr, yet. So, BFF and others, don't switch yet because you'll be unable to put your flickr badge on your new site.


Randi said...

I drank champagne w/ you at the Dove Bar... and had no idea we were changing our templates. Keep me posted!

AWE said...

You can't beat half price.

I wish we had a better selection of places to go where I live.