Thursday, August 17, 2006

Guess what? It's my anniversary!

do you know what today is
it's our anniversary made for you and me

- Tony Toni Tone

Hey Guys! Today is my three year anniversary. Babe's my hero because yesterday I had a mouse in my kitchen and Babe ran in there with no fear to kill it as I waited, scared, in the bedroom.

The mouse is officially "The one that got away" but I know that if it does come back, Babe will be there with a broom to save me.


M.I.L. said...

Hope you have a great evening!
m.i.l., d.i.l. and Buster

Randi said...

Happy Anny, DUDE! You and Babe are the bestest couple in the whole wide world. And damn those are some fine bridesmaids... wait, is that me!?!

Shora said...

3 years? Pah! That's nothin'. Talk to me after 16.

I kid. Happy Anniversary Randi's BFF!

Nancy Gurl said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We will celebrating tomorrow:)

Angela said...

Happy Anniversary dudes! I love you guys, and miss you. Have fun tonight!
Cool pic!

Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary, Coodie!

Hope there are many more happy ones to come!

Ois said...

Happy Anniversary Kids!!! Here's to another 3 years and many more!

d-rock said...

Happy Anniversary! You kidz rock!

Sassy One said...

Hapyy Anniversary!!!

What a beautiful wedding picture!!

Hally said...

Happy Anniversary!!!