Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dude, what?

This morning I was tapping my desk wondering, what will I write about today? I had a brainstorm last night as I was trying to fall asleep but like usual, by the time I was on the subway this morning - that's when I write this in my head - it was gone. Luckily for you (and for me) the answer came in today's Daily Candy. Do you get these emails? Sashie turned me on to it and their little treats in the morning. Not always, but sometimes. They offer one recommendation a day, like a restaurant, a sample sale, or a type of mascara, to name a few.

In any case, today's Daily Candy is not exactly the sweetest thing I've ever read. "Shake what your mama gave you" is the title and the email details the Fanny Facial, a three-step, bootylicious butt-buffing treatment.

I'm sorry. What?

Here goes:

"Take the junk in your trunk to Smooth Synergy’s nondescript, Upper East Side space, where the sleek-skinned staff flashes their pearly whites before hooking up a whole bunch of wires to your naked, fleshy rear.

After a little exfoliation (before you’re wired, of course), microcurrents are pulsed right to your keister, which supposedly tones the tush by relieving the build up around cells and cellulite.

What we’re really over the moon for is the organic spray tan — the finishing touch for your newly pumped up derriere. Made from mineral salt bronzers and vegetable derivatives, it’s completely natural and lasts for a week."

Daily Candy is too coy to list the prices, etc., for this service but a little extra looking (as in clicking one link) reveals that the Fanny Facial will only run you $160 - a summer special.

There you have it folks. It's on sale. Go get your butt exfoliated.

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Solanasaurus said...

Why would you electrocute your derriere?