Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I'm in the process of weaning myself off of sugar and even artificial sweeteners. Sonoma diet. So this morning I took the leap and asked Goldie to give me my coffee with, instead of the usual skim milk splenda, just cream no sugar of any kind. It's okay so far. Not as good as usual, but I'm giving it the old three drink test. Almost everything you drink tastes better after the third drink.

In other news, it's hot.
" With the mercury headed toward 100 degrees today and tomorrow, the city is under a heat emergency. " NY1
A heat emergency? Did I watch too much Animaniacs when I was a youth? All I can think of is "Potty Emergency! It's a Potty Emergency!!"

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Nancy Gurl said...

I never take sugar in my coffee. Its weird at first but you do get used to it
Good luck!