Sunday, July 16, 2006

Public service announcement

If you'd like to leave a message, press 1. Otherwise, just wait for the beep. If you'd like to page this person press five now. When you have finished recording you may hang up or press the pound sign for more options. BEEP. This is Coodence leave me a message and I will call you back.


You have one new message. New message sent from 212 555 1212 received Tuesday, 11:00 P.M. First new message: Dude, call me back.

Are you tired of hearing instructions for how to leave a voicemail? Do you really need to hear your friend's phone number spelled out before you hear her three word message?

Did you know that these can be turned off on your cell phone. Seriously! So that when people call you they will be refreshed to here the following:

ring! ring! ring! This is Coodence, please leave me a message.

All you have to do is call your voicemail. It will say: "To listen to your messages press one (some number); to administrate personal greeting press 2 (or some other number); to change administrative settings (or something similar) press 3(some number).

Do it. Give it a shot. You'll thank me for it.


Anonymous said...

That's cool! The thing is- my long outgoing message does not bother me one bit. It's other people prologues that annoy me. How do I change _their_ settings?

Randi said...

I hate that shit!!! haha. You can push 1 sometimes to pass over that but sometimes if you push 1 it'll be like you're putting your number in beeper style. Dang.

s-yomama said...

i hate it too and sadly, my voicemail is one of those that over-prompts. so i just tried to make the change. i used my password to talk to the the lady who controls the menu of my voicemail and she is not being very cooperative. so, when i see you maybe you can talk to the voicemail lady and coax her to change the administrative options. i'll bet you can do it - you have a way with people.