Saturday, July 22, 2006

MMMM Restaurant Week!!

I've taken advantage of restaurant week for lunch before but this is the first time Babe and I went to dinner for it. Basically, you get to go to fancy restaurants and $35.00 gets you an app + entree + dessert.

On Wednesday we met up with Nancy and Jim and checked out Beacon Restaurant which was super good. I had a chilled roasted yellow tomato soup to start with that was a little bit of heaven, for my entree I had summer vegetable risotto that was full to the rim with delicious vegetables and garlicky goodness, then my dessert was a mochacchino cheesecake. I didn't really go for the cheesecake, but Babe had home made vanilla ice cream covered in a milk chocolate hot fudge sauce. Forget it. It was so good. I guess this place is known for its cocktails, though, and no wonder why. I had a watermelon puree vodka drink that tasted just. like. candy. We tried the "new world" wine pairing with the dinner and the red wine from Napa valley brought tears to my eyes. At that point, I could have foregone the rest of the meal and ordered a bottle of that.

As if that weren't enough, last night Babe and I hit up Calle Ocho on the Upper West Side. The best thing was by far the white sangria that was so good and just a little bit sweet and clearly very strong. For appetizer I got the Mole, which could have been an entree that's how healthy the portions were. It was a delicious beef dish and tasted just like Mole should, chocolatey, rich, and spicy. Babe had a ceviche sampler, and that was to die for. The first one was thinly sliced raw tuna with itsy bitsy red onion and doused in lime juice. So good. For dinner I chose the beef tenderloin because I've been eating a lot of pollo lately and the fish selection was a bit too daring. The beef was good but man I was already full from the yummy app and they have these delicious little rolls that seem to be made of butter. Babe got the fluke and said it was delicious. Dessert was good, too, but nothing to write home or you guys about. Haha, get it?

Out of the two, the food at Beacon was better but the vibe at Calle Ocho was more fun. Either way if it weren't for restaurant week both of these would have been way out of our price range for just a regular dinner.

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