Friday, July 21, 2006

Haiku Friday

totally pouring
made it to work just in time
thank god it's friday

summertime rolls on
temperatures are sky high
sweatiness abounds

babe's workin too hard
randi's in yosemite
what about you guys?


AWE said...

Bass fishing this weekend on a local river if it doesn't rain. I need to post some shots of the area because it is beautiful.

Don't get wet.

jessicer said...

caroline and mike
staying in the N-Y-C
they must just hate me

and mexican food
and the glorious sunshine
and crazy hippies

but don't worry, guys
your future looks really bright
and I'll visit soon

A passive-aggressive haiki triptych brought to you by Jessicurl

Anonymous said...

kicked it at collins,
the night was long

hives broke out,
jukebox played good songs

brought the lady out,
she had fun

talked trash to mike,
about how she won

left keys and jacket,
it caused quite a racket

but these things happen when I go out with you and "babe."

Coodence said...

Dudes!! I am LOVING your poems!!

Jessica said...

It's really hot here
One hundred degrees of nasty
Thank God for AC

Off to baseball game
Tomorrow in Seattle
It is cooler there

Going to miss out
On Haute Negro's birthday bash
Take some cool pics please!