Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Face recognition

Nothing gets you over the hump like a new computer gimmick. Or maybe that's just me. Anyways, thanks to my dear blog readers who sometimes make suggestions as to what I should and should not include on my blog (ahem) I here present you with My Heritage Face Recognition Software.

You go to the website and upload a photo then hit the celebrity button and it shows you which celebrity you favor. Be prepared to be disappointed. I apparently look like a cross between Felicity Huffman, David Bowie, and Jessica Alba (YEAH RIGHT, But I'll take it!)

The drawback is that you have to register. However, if you hate hate hate filling out those stupid compulsory questions you can always hit up Bug Me Not a groovy web site which will give you free logins for websites that ask you to register. No questions asked.

So give it a go. Tell me who you look like if you want to.


Nancy Gurl said...

I got Mariah Carey and Kristen Davis.
Can we say NO??????????????????


Anonymous said...

You can click "try it now" and not have to sign up for anything.

Owen Wilson, Tony Danza, and Jeb Bush - who irionically... are probably the three people I would torture the most if they ever saw them out...Tony has already had a little piece of me...he didn't like it.