Monday, June 19, 2006

Yup, still scary.

Tippi Hedren in her debut.

The scariest image (to me!) from the movie. Except for of course the scene where the old man's eyeballs are rolling around the floor.
In case you were wondering if the movie The Birds was still scary, the answer is yes. It's still scary. Babe and I caught a Bryant Park free mewvie in the park and watched Hitchcock's classic with about 1,000 other NYers and it was super fun.

Also interesting, thank you IMDB, is that the movie could have ended like this: "A number of endings were being considered for this film. One that was considered would have showed the Golden Gate Bridge completely covered by birds."

How cool (and what I mean by cool is scary) would that would have been?

Seriously, for you cynic-heads out there, this movie, whether it scares you or not, will make you cringe and your insides itch when the birds either a) take little tiny nips out of that soft part between the actor's fingers or b) dive bomb the childen's heads, faces, and necks while they're running away.

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exile said...

i always wanted to do a "movie in the park" thing, except i want to do it in my back yard. that way i can show any movie i want, like Little Shop of Horrors, Psycho, Fight Club...

that would be awsome!