Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Took a beautiful drive in the country, where I was staying, dahling, and there was some seriously old stuff. Apparently Connecticut is downright steeped in history. We took a little ride over to the Millbrook Winery which was cute and small. There was the requisite Sideways character at the tasting, swirling his glass to get the nose right, asking ridiculously specific questions about the grapes and the weather. Please, if you want to do some wine tasting go to California.
Nonetheless, it was really beautiful and very fun. The wine was pretty tasty, too, and if you're ever up in that arear, you might think about taking on the Dutchess Wine Trail, which is super small but the views of the countryside and of the little tiny rolling hills are breathtaking.

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exile said...

man, all you ever do is wine wine wine