Thursday, June 15, 2006


It's true that in the City people are always talking. Yesterday I walked home with the phone pressed to my ear as I talked with BFF about life and while walking uptown, more than 5 people had something to say to me. I ignored them, to be sure.

But, one guy said something particularly nice (I mean, I'm sure what the other men said were probably *nice* too) but this one guy said "Has anyone told you today how beautiful you are?" I naturally kept walking and pretended I didn't hear (he was likely drunk), but I noticed what he said and thought that was nice.

Sometimes, though, even if you ignore what people say, you can't forget!

I've asked you before about Whistling Camp and so far haven't heard back. I always whistle or sing when I walk around town and the other day this guy said to me "Who told you you could whistle?!"

Ignored him, kept walking, but now every time I start to whistle I wonder just how bad I sound. Stupid meanie.


AWE said...

You should have said, "Who told you to breathe."

Coodence said...

Thanks, AWE!

(but you haven't heard me whistle!! haha)

Randi said...

Dude, you're a rock star and you have an amazing singing voice so OF COURSE you can whistle. What a dummy that guy.