Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I picked up the AM New York

today so I might find something interesting to write about, but on my way out of the subway I found what I was looking for!

Super cute: A guy (young man/teenager) was teaching his girlfriend (young woman/teenager) how to ride a bike.!! How effing cute is that, you guys? I didn't know not everyone knew how to ride a bike, either, but I guess sometimes you just don't learn when you're a kid. Like Pheobe on Friends.

Watched Harry Pooter last night (the newest one) and that is one more cute movie. I'm stolked on the 'arry pooter franchise.

Finished another Murakami book. This time, A Wild Sheep Chase which I'm not 100% if I would recommend, but I definitely liked it. It was really far out, mythological (a sheep man who enters people's bodies) and existential (a guy on a journey, doesn't really know what he wants in life.) Thumbs up overall.

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exile said...

you'd be surprised at the things some people don't know how to do