Friday, June 16, 2006

Haiku No Kidding The Front Page! Friday

hella crazy work
week this one was a doozy
but, it's completed!

we made the front page
now we celebrate and chill
thank god its friday!

wedding this weekend
and birthday party tonight
have a great time, kids.


Nancy Gurl said...

what front page. SHOW ME, lady!

AWE said...

Yeah, what front page?

Have a good weekend.

Randi said...

I almost used your Christian name to address you. LINK THAT BITCH!!! You should be crazy proud!

Coodence said...

You guys!! It's on the front page of the NY Times of course!!!

Anonymous said...

The article is wonderful!! Long, full of crazy statistics, and has several references to your place of employment. Congrats!

Michele said...

I don't know why I showed up anonymous. But it's me, Michele. Let's try this one more time.

exile said...

congrats on your front page-ness!