Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Food, Drink, and TV

I'm not going to get into the whole cheesesteak debate because I've never been to philly (well, except once and that was a truly terrible experience so I try to pretend it never happened because I was young and I was tired) and because I just don't care. But this is my blog and I can recommend any darn thing I want to so I would like to recommend Wogie's in the West Village for their cheesesteaks, beer, and outdoor seating. Their wait staff are all hotties, too, and the food is cheap, fresh and delicious. MMMMM. Babe and I love it, and every couple of months will go sit outside and get a nice cheesesteak, with onions and covered in Cheez Whiz.
Right by my house (commonly pronounced rybymyhouse) there is a neat little tiny beer garden called Hallo Berlin that serves tall cold German beers for not too expensive. They also serve sausage and kraut, but whatever. I go for the beer.
I finally caught the season finale of Big Love and the season premiere of Entourage last night. Both were so good it wasn't even funny. As one of my coworkers said, the finale of Big Love was explosive! They were exposed!! And then watching the show, you feel (or I felt) like why should anyone care that they are polygamists? Does it really make any difference in my life? Entourage on the other hand was not so much explosive as funny, laid back, and relaxing to watch. That show has very little drama and very good looking people. Thumbs up once again.


AWE said...

No Fair. I have been trying to eat better and you talk about cheesesteak before lunch. Oh well, there goes the diet.

Randi said...

I find it interesting that people cheat on their spouses all the time and carry on dual lives but the idea of polygamy is wrong. Go figure.

exile said...

exile's view on polygamy:

some people are dumb enough to get married
some people are stupid enought to do it twice
but to do it multiple times at once?

...on the other hand, atleast one of them have to be "in the mood"

(jk, i know once a woman is married they're never in the mood)