Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I've been reading these books by Haruki Murakami (as you know) and he's just blowing my mind. The books are strange journeys - they seem to be about young men (30s) who have recently lost their wives and who are now searching for meaning... among other things. In any case, he also has an obsession with ears. Murakami's characters will often note that they were first attracted to their women because of their perfectly shaped ears. These women often keep their ears hidden, too, from general public viewing and sometimes are employed as ear models, showing their ears only for a price.

So weird. I just never really thought about ears before.


AWE said...

Never thought of myself as an ear man but it always catches my eye when a lady has her hair up. Maybe I have an earring fetish.

exile said...

ears are like feet, you only notice them if they're ugly