Monday, June 26, 2006


Renting a car in NYC is so expensive. (How expensive is it?!)

But, seriously folks. Babe and I went to the country this weekend, darling, for some rest and relaxation, which we did. In order to get there, we needed to rent a vehicle. From around the corner, it was $95 a day = $350 for the three day weekend. Forget it! From Newark, it was $50 = $200 for the weekend. Wrong again!

So, we took the long way and went from our place by cab to Grand Central ($5) then by train to Mt. Kisco station ($20) then took a bus ($3.50) to the Westchester county airport, where we rented our car for $15 a day = $60 for the three day weekend.

And look at our coche! Neat, right?


Anonymous said...

What was not mentioned was that when they finally got to the car rental agency, Phil was there, on the beautiful Amazing Race carpet to inform them they were "team # 1."

exile said...

i like that the car was a wine color, very fitting