Saturday, June 03, 2006

100 Things Updated

You know, I've always considered BFF and my blog a "collaborative effort." In other words, I once again stole this from her.

  1. My nickname comes from the spanish version of my real name.
  2. I've been in the Pearl Jam fan club for 10 years.
  3. I've seen them in concert at least 8 times.
  4. I'm obsessed with Pilates.
  5. My husband is a part time handy man and is installing an air conditioner as I lounge around playing on my blog.
  6. The countries other than the US I've visited are Amsterdam and Mexico. Oh! And Canada.
  7. I've been married for three years this summer.
  8. Babe and I have been together for ten years.
  9. We don't have any kids and I've never been preggers.
  10. I bet we'll have kids eventually in which case my blog will become a haven for pictures of babies and stories about spit up and diapers. Weee.
  11. I seriously love my apartment. Everything has a place and there is a place for everything.
  12. I decided this morning that hero sandwiches are my favorite food.
  13. I quit smoking cigarettes over a year ago but can still get worked up about wanting one when I've been drinking.
  14. I still love my job.
  15. I'm reading a fantastic book called the Wind up Bird Chronicle. I think I recommend it.
  16. I don't usually recommend stuff because I get irritated by people's negative commentary.
  17. Babe and I were fated to be together.
  18. I still know the words to songs from my youth like LL Cool J's I need love.
  19. Sleeping late on Saturday is one of my favorite things to do.
  20. Cooking is fun for me.
  21. I love to get manis and pedis.
  22. I quit biting my nails about a year ago, too. It's gross to always have your hands in your mouth when you live in a city like NY.
  23. I generally don't let the little things bog me down.
  24. My sister said I'm the most hopeful person she knows.
  25. My grandma said I have a happy spirit and no one can be sad around me.
  26. My grandma is 90 years old and has strong opinions about the president (whom she cannot stand).
  27. My cousin is having a baby.
  28. My sister is coming this week.
  29. I, like BFF, wear a size 10 shoe but we cannot really share shoes for our divergent tastes.
  30. I love the rain. I also love the ridiculous heat and humidity of the summer. I also love it when it is windy and cold and snowing in the winter.
  31. My least favorite quality in people is neediness.
  32. My favorite quality in people is bravery. But that is subject to change.
  33. I still miss my dog Candy.
  34. My favorite new kid on the block was Donnie Wahlberg.
  35. My sisters are my bestest friends. And BFF is my sister. Even though she's always mad at me. HAHA.
  36. Oak trees are one of the biggest things I miss about California.
  37. And the ocean.
  38. I eat lean cuisine almost every day for lunch. When I die my body will probably never decompose due to the preservatives. Is that too morbid?
  39. I've been to burning man three times.
  40. I rode around the playa on a bike with no shirt on. It's called the Critical Tits Bike Ride.
  41. One of my best friends from high school died. She and I hadn't spoken since graduation. We never really got along but I felt sad when she died.
  42. I love to kick it.
  43. Drinking wine, cooking dinner, and chilling with friends and Babe is the perfect night in my opinion.
  44. I love television.
  45. Reading is my favorite past time.
  46. I only have one tiny tattoo, a tiny dot given to me by Aron in his back yard in high school. It's called a pot-dot.
  47. I used to love roller coasters when I was younger, but now they scare me.
  48. I used to love scary movies when I was younger, but now they scare me. I had to sleep with the light on after watching Sixth Sense. And Blair Witch.
  49. My mom and dad are supremely awesome individuals.
  50. I went to UC Berkeley for college, Go Bears! And I think it's the best school in the whole wide world.
  51. I love me some berkeley homies.
  52. I'm proud of my achievements.
  53. I wish I had a bike.
  54. I cannot play an instrument.
  55. I've never been to New Orleans.
  56. I've visited about 2/3 of the US fifty states.
  57. I won't list them all.
  58. My favorite food when I was a kid was macaroni and cheese.
  59. I love my grrls from college.
  60. Coffee is an addiction that I am just fine with.
  61. I never thought I'd wear pink, but I really like it.
  62. I can't remember the last time I had full-fat ice cream.
  63. I'm constantly dieting.
  64. I would sooner stop speaking than refer to myself as "chubby" or anything like that.
  65. I am envious of people with beautiful blogs. I'd like to redesign mine.
  66. I can't believe how long I've kept this blog going.
  67. The scaredest I've ever been was the morning after grad night in high school.
  68. I once sat on a train - bridge inches away from an amtrak speeding by my face. It was probably more like a couple of feet, but really, who cares.
  69. Babe's tattoo brought us together. His awesome red hair, too.
  70. I love red hair.
  71. I dyed my hair pink as soon as I got to college.
  72. When I went away to college, I tried to go by my middle name, kumari, instead of my first name but it just wasn't right.
  73. Huge procrastinator.
  74. This summer, I'm going to California and Denver.
  75. This year, I've already been to California, Denver, and Wisconsin. And Washington DC. And Connecticut. For a minute.
  76. I thought City Island was going to be some neat, forgotten little place but actually it was pretty fucking lame.
  77. I'm digging on taking pictures these days. Lots of that has to do with you.
  78. I prefer diet coke to regular coke but I think diet pepsi tastes like dirt.
  79. I love California Red Wine. MMM.
  80. Worrying is stupid and I try not to do it as much as possible.
  81. I used to have my nipple pierced.
  82. I had this friend in high school, Jennifer, who told me she didn't think it was healthy to be friends with someone like me. Ouch.
  83. I wasn't very nice to her.
  84. Since then, I've tried to be nicer.
  85. I'm a scorpio. Duh.
  86. I think I'm moving back to Cali soon.
  87. New York City is a super fun place for Babe and I to live.
  88. I cried when I got to the pearl jam show on Thursday.
  89. My apartment is now air conditioned.
  90. My husband rocks the hizouse.
  91. In college I majored in Mass Communications and Rhetoric. Try explaining that to people.
  92. Shrimp strikes me as kinda gross.
  93. I never knew I would ever be as neat and tidy as I am now. Thanks, Babe!
  94. I stinkin love games!
  95. I've seen Bad Religion in concert three times, once 11 years ago.
  96. I'm brown.
  97. I've been described as indefatigable. Had to look it up.
  98. I'm going to concerts this summer! Just went to PJ, going to see Tom Petty at MSG, and am going to see PJ again in Denver, and Ben Harper, in September.
  99. I love sad movies. I cry at every one of them.
  100. This was a liberating exercise for me.


Jessicurl said...

Dear Kumari,

Enjoy your freshman year at Berkeley. And don't listen to what they all say- it's totally not a phase.



M.I.L. said...

in regards to #62......i know, i know....must have been last july when you were here in denver? :)

Angela said...

Hey Dude,
I love what grandma said about you. It's very true too! Talk to you tomorrow!