Sunday, May 21, 2006

ninth avenue

Went to the Ninth Avenue International food festival today (and yesterday!) and it was super fun! Look at all those people, people! It went from 37th to 57th and was chock full of delicious edibles. Babe and I ate too much, but it doesn't count because we shared everything!! I had a piece of Mangaro's six foot hero, some delicious sangria, a perfect $3 cheeseburger, a indonesian egg roll, and a peirogi. I'm so full I could die.
Yesterday, we came out to the festival for a minute and ate this guy's street meat. I've never tried any better street meat. So good!

I did not eat this nor any other pig.

After the day was done, Babe and I finally ventured up to our roof and now that we've been there once, we'll return again and again. Have a look at this view!!!


Randi said...

New Year's Eve. Your rooftop. Party's on til the break of dawn.

Anonymous said...


AWE said...

I am going to have to quit reading your blog or I will end up getting on a plane today. Seeing pictures of NYC and festivals like this kill me.

I would have loved to have been there for that.

Angela said...

Nice dude! I hope I can see it in person one of these days.

A.J. said...

I miss NYC, violently sometimes. My studio used to be on the corner of 9t and 39th. (sigh)