Monday, May 01, 2006

Do it, do it.

Eat: Schiller's Liquor down on Rivington is a great place to eat dinner on a Saturday night. You might need to wait awhile, but the bartenders make a show out of making beautiful and not very expensive delicious drinks so even if you have to wait an hour (like we did) it's still totally worth it. The sticky toffee pudding for dessert is so good. And, they have a funny wine list which consists of "Cheap," "Decent" and "Good,"

Drink: Stanton Social Club makes you feel like a million bucks. The sign on the door says Private Party but when you open the door anyways, you realize you're invited to the private party! At times at this bar, I was reminded of the lyrics to the Pennywise song, you know the one, Perfect People (Screw the perfect people/
Fuck they all look the same
), but the bar was cute enough and the vibe was chill enough that I can't hate on this place. Check it out.

Shabeen is a neat place in NoLita that looks like they stopped building it right in the middle. They just put down the hammer and said, forget it, I've got to have me one of these little Lychee martinis and this is just how the bar is going to look. It's a very sweet little place that is apparently modeled after South African speakeasys, but I just learned that by reading about it, not actually from the bar.

The Delancey was a bit of a bust because there was a private party (a real private party!) on the rooftop part of the bar, which is the bar you see when driving into Manhattan over the Billysburg Bridge. But the place is big and there three levels of fun to be had, with live music downstairs, drinking hipsters on the main floor, and apparently super elite fun to be had on the roof.

With that, I urge you all to be merry.

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AWE said...

I am taking notes of this stuff for my next trip to NYC, hopefully in late summer.