Monday, April 10, 2006


Those who were waiting for Tony to be "back" - well, he's back. It wouldn't be terrible if we could have one episode without Tony booting is all I'm saying.

April 10th today. 11 months not smoking. How bout that?

For our 10th anniversary on Saturday we went to a great dinner at the site of our first date and we also hit up Dylan's Candy Store which is so unbelievably cool. It is a two-story candy extravaganza! They've got red vines, and MnMs in 30 different colors and PEEPS! So many PEEPS. Check it out you guys. Super fun place to visit.

Also, bought some new music this weekend! Yum for new tunes. We got Prince's new album, the Gorillaz, and... .... ... ... ... ... Babe, what was the last one?


Babe said...

Ben Harper's new album.

Angela said...

We have to go to that candy store when I come to visit you again!