Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Super slow blog week

It has been a super slow blog week! I've been doing a lot of reading (Beloved and a book about Mestizaje which has not yet been released so I won't say too much about it lest I ruin the surprise) and going to pilates. I am coming up on my one year quitting smoking date so would like to be super-fit and hella-toned by the time that comes around.

Congrats to Nancy for quitting smoking for a whole year, too.

Just wanted to say hi. I'll hopefully have something interesting to lob at you later.


Anonymous said...

This damn blog better start getting more exciting before I revoke my membership!

Coodence said...

Dear anonymous:
I don't take shit talking from those who won't sign their names.

Anonymous said...

I personally just think the "damn angry blogger", (dab's as they are known) was just trying to get a rise out of everyone - she...or he...loves the blog and greatly utilizes it as a source of entertainment and learning. Blog on!