Monday, April 24, 2006

Super Chill

My weekend was super chill you guys. Friday night just hung out and played UNO at our pal's place. She has the most spacious and relaxing apartment, high above 2nd avenue, so you feel close to the City and far from it all. She is on 2nd Ave. and 45th St, so we're basically exactly across town from eachother. Oh Met Life Building. So pretty.
Saturday BabenI went shopping and we hit up the NYPL, the New York Public Library, ya heard! It was super fun and I can't wait (can't wait!) til I'm done with school and then I can return to the NYPL and check out books I want to read all summer long. Oh Summer Reading List. How I yearn to begin reading you. The Macy's Flower Show was happening and usually I steer clear of Macy's due to the crazy amounts of people, but we went on Saturday and it was so beautiful! The whole bottom floor was full to the brim of beautiful and ridiculous bouquets. Check it out if you have a chance.
Sunday, I did homework and Babe cleaned the house b/c he is my hero. We had dinner at Arriba! Arriba! My favorite mexican restaurant near our place. Margaritas!!


Nancy Gurl said...

I need a margerita and I need it now.

AWE said...

I am going to have to eat mexican for lunch because of you.