Thursday, April 06, 2006

Misc. Items

It's a miscellaneous items type of day for me, because the week has been so scattered.
  • I saw Robin Williams in the park yesterday. They are filming the movie August Rush all over Ma-hattan, so with this latest sighting, I've now seen nearly the entire cast.
  • Someone just commented on my blog that I need to be more interesting. It burns, a bit, but I have to admit, I've had a hard time coming up with blogworthy stuff this week. I haven't been consuming as much of anything - television, movies, booze or food, so it's tough to come out with stories. I can tell you what I have been doing but it is not very interesting - I've been working out - pilates and walking home. I've been eating dinner at home, which I've either made of babe has. I've been watching LOST on DVD and reading for class. I've been dieting.
  • Wake up!!
  • I'm going to Wisconsin in a week and a half for my Grama's 90th birthday. Beat that! See what I mean, you guys? I got nothin.


Angela said...

I'm excited to see you and Mike next week! It's going to be fun!

Nancy Gurl said...

I don't care if you aren't David Letterman, you still entertain me!

Mona said...

yay! um, who left that comment? how absurd? why even bother. i don't agree at all. tough crowd!

we've seen each other coodence, well indirectly at least, through a celebrity. i saw robin in new zealand over one christmas holiday. funny, huh? i was just thinking the other day i am surprised i don't see more celebrities in this city. so far i've only seen topher grace at a restaurant, andy mcdowell, madonna, and nicole kidman running in central park, and uma thurman, and more recently cynthia nixon. woohoo! it's always fun.